Pamela Caughey Simply Not Catalog - E Book

Pamela Caughey Simply Not Catalog - E Book

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The catalog accompanied her solo exhibition, “Simply Not”, January 20th – April 9th, 2017 – and is now available for the first time in digital format!

This is the digital, downloadable PDF version of Pamela Caughey’s “Simply Not” Exhibition Catalog, a 60 page.

Included in this digital book are:

  • 45 plus full color images of Caughey’s paintings, most of which   are included in the exhibition.
  • Caughey’s work focuses on cold wax/oil, encaustic, encaustic monotype, mixed media.
  • Artist Statement.
  • Essay by Missoula Art Museum curator, Brandon Reintjes.

Artist: Pamela Caughey
Published: The Holter Museum of Art (Helena, Montana)

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